What is peace?

Peace is a harmony, an energy, calmness, smoothness, quietude, a state of being.

Peace permeates.

 It is an energy that brings calmness into the soul, it soothes the soul, it is like a balm.

 It causes peaceful feelings.

When one is in a state of peace it is easy just to BE Be the essence of peace and serenity, wholeness, calmness, It is such a simple thing, a simple level of being and yet so hard to achieve at times like these.

Peace – Fullness

Allow your body to be filled with peace, the essence and feeling of peace Aim for this when you meditate, this calm centred feeling Being at peace should feel easy, no effort, no stress.

Peace can permeate many levels, peace can calm and heal Peacefulness allows healing, nurturing sleep, cessation of worries It is a warm energy which can fill you from head to toe with the sense of relaxation and calmness.

It is hard to make war when one is at peace.

Peace can be seen as being passive, non-aggressive, sometimes weak But true peacefulness can neutralize hatred.

Standing in the power of peace can be a great strengthened, can deflect arrows of harsh words.

Peacefulness can be a state of mind as well as a state of heart.

A state of peacefulness can be within one and within nations,

Peacefulness can be a great strength; the ability to maintain a peaceful existence.

A peaceful state of being is not necessarily the easy path,

It can be a matter of choice, decision, and determination.

It can be seen as neutrality, yet there is more energy in peace.

Peace is stronger, so instead of being in neutrality or non-violence, be in the State of Peace Allow this energy to deflect the arrows of negativity, of war, of hatred

Allow it to permeate into your lives

Meditating on the state of peacefulness can help you, can empower you, can reap rewards A state of peacefulness can fill you up and be all that you need.

Being in a state of peace brings healing both globally and individually Experience its essence, its warmth, its calmness, its strength Surrender to It.


Let the warmth of its energy nurture you, bathe you and fill your heart with love and peacefulness.

Saint Maria Magdelena de Pazzi 17th Century Carmelite Nun

Saint Maria Magdelena de Pazzi 17 was born in Florence, Italy, in 1566, and was a member of one of the most distinguished families in the city. Being attracted to prayer, solitude, and penance, at age of nine, she learned how to meditate from the family chaplain. She made her First Communion a year later and made a vow of virginity. She experienced her first vision when she was only twelve. From then on, she experienced many mystical occurrences. She was sent at age fourteen to be educated in a monastery and three years later was accepted as a novice by the Carmelite Monastery of St. Mary of the Angels in Florence.

Could You Be a Medium?

Have you ever wondered what a medium is and how they connect with spirit? Having this ability is a gift and can be learned and perfected over time.

Mediumship is a form of communication between physical human beings and discarnate spirits.  It is a way of relaying information between two levels of reality that requires cooperation on both sides.  Mediums because of their special attunement to the vibrations of the spirit world become the instruments through which the spirit people touch our world. Mediumship erects a bridge between the physical and the non-physical.

A medium is able to give the direct evidence that proves he or she is truly connecting with, and communicating with, people from the spirit world. The medium has the ability to paint that person back to life.

A medium will continue to gather clues and direct evidence, he or she will give direct names, places, events, illnesses, or maybe even an obscure song that had sentimental value. They may also provide details about a pet or an animal that played a role in the individual’s life. For someone, this information further validates the accuracy and true connection to the spirit world.

An evidential mediumship reading usually begins with messages that give you evidence that your loved one in spirit is truly communicating with the medium.

The purpose of evidential mediumship is to help overcome any skepticism about spirit communication. Evidential messages are the messages that people often describe as, “The medium knew things about her that he could never have known unless he was in direct contact with her.”

Have you ever felt a connection with spirit? Would you like to hone those premonitions and make a solid connection? This is something  that is not gong to happen over night.  But I can give you the tools to become a medium but you will have to do the hard work. Join me May 20 through 22 for a class on become a medium. Contact me at

The Spiritual Path Church


Rev. Karen Heasley, Pastor
2041 Moravia St Ext
New Castle, PA  16101

Karen’s Korner

Hello! Welcome to Karen’s Korner. I am Rev. Karen Heasley, the founding pastor of The Spiritual Path Spiritualist Church in New Castle, PA. The church is one of only three churches in the United States that is founded on the principles of the Spiritualists’ National Union of the United Kingdom (SNU). Karen’s Korner will serve as a resource for the principles of Spiritualism in addition to topics and subjects that support those principles.

Spiritualism is a journey of unfolding your own spirituality with the aim of bringing about a transformation of your spiritual qualities, morals and ethics for the betterment of self and to the benefit of all in this life.

The study and application of a spiritual philosophy, the key to establishing a spiritual way of life, is introduced through the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. What are the seven principles you ask? They provide you a foundation for developing a personal philosophy. They are: the Fatherhood of God, The Brotherhood of Man; the Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels; the Continuous Existence of the Human Soul; Personal Responsibility; Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth; and Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul.

Spiritualism is a religion embodying the main ideas about religions, that there is life after death, immortality, and the existence of a God. The aim of Spiritualism is to reach a level of an at-one-ment and unison of Humanity with God into every action and the understanding of all Humanity is in perfect harmony with the divine will.

It is through personal experience and expression by the study, consideration and application of the many aspects of the religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism that the Spiritualist gains understanding through spiritual growth. Not one person has all the answers and Spiritualism becomes a continual personal religion to be lived, to nurture and enlighten the spirit within us, here and now.

Modern scientific theory continues to expand and encompass more than just the physical aspects of our universe. It has moved from looking at the Origins and vastness of our universe to looking at the smallest particles of quantum theory. Today, there are many who see answers to the unseen worlds and the divine natural law present in the resulting research. Equally, there are those who would disagree with the divine presence and express it merely as natural law. Science and religion may always be uncomfortable bed fellows and for the Spiritualists, we expect that we will one day have further answers and evidence, maybe not in this phase of life but certainly at some point in the next.

In an effort to further express the ideals and principles of Spiritualism, a detailed explanation of each of the Seven Principles will follow. I look forward to providing information and insight into the ideology of Spiritualism. Please join me on this fascinating, inspiring and life-changing adventure.

With Love,